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History of the Selmerhof

On the sunny slope of Innervillgraten, at 1650 m, is our apartment house with agriculture and beekeeping, and a breathtaking view of the Villgrater mountain backdrop.


According to tradition, the former Selmerhof burned down in 1912. Our ancestors then rebuilt the farm with a lot of effort.

During the hard war years (World War I and World War II), the only priority was the survival of the farming family and their pets.

Until 1970, in the summer months the whole family and all the animals were on the mountain pasture to make “mountain hay” for the winter on the mountain meadows. On the farm, the reasonably accessible areas were used to grow grain, potatoes, all kinds of vegetables, and linen seed for making clothes.

When mechanization slowly came to the valley and living standards recovered, the alpine huts were empty because the farmers worked the alpine meadows from home with tractors and cars.

Then the idea came to mind that these huts could be rented out to the summer visitors mentioned back then.

This was then accepted, as a result the owner earned a little extra money and so the alpine huts could be maintained to this day.

Our farm from 1912 to 2003

Let yourself be intoxicated by the alpine streams, meadows and fields, by the thriving flowers and the dense forests and enjoy the peace and quiet of the Villgratental - with a breathtaking view of the surrounding mountains and with many fantastic hiking options.


No matter whether you spend a relaxing weekend in a modernly furnished apartment or a romantic hut holiday with the whole family in one of our rustic alpine huts, we will make your stay an unforgettable experience!

Your host family Gutwenger

Video apartment house and alpine huts Gutwenger

All-round view from our apartment house