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Apartment house and alpine huts Gutwenger

Welcome to the Selmerhof in Innervillgraten

Away from the usual mass tourism, you can immerse yourself in a world of the original. The Selmerhof combines stylishly designed holiday apartments, rustic alpine huts, East Tyrolean warmth and a view of the impressive mountain landscape of the Villgratental, maintained by the farmers.


In our house on the sunny slope of Innervillgraten you will find a homely atmosphere in the rooms furnished with solid natural wood made of maple and spruce. Enjoy all the amenities of modernly furnished holiday apartments.

In our alpine huts, however, there is no television, no radio, no cell phone, no computer and no electricity - DIGITAL DETOX in the truest sense of the word. Simply switch off from everyday stress, reorganize your senses and enjoy nature - that is a true alpine holiday in the Villgratental in our Gutwenger alpine hut on the Unterstalleralm or in our rustic Selmer alpine hut on the well-known Oberstalleralm. Staying there is something very special. Here you can feel the frugality of the farmers back then and see how little luxury you could get by with.

However, if you don't want to miss out on a bit of “everyday luxury”, our apartments on the farm are the perfect place for you.

Apartment house and alpine huts Gutwenger